Fashion Meets Computer Vision and NLP at E-Commerce Search

We focus on cross-modal (visual and textual) e-commerce search within the fashion domain. Particularly, we investigate two tasks: 1) given a query image, we retrieve textual descriptions that correspond to the visual attributes in the query; and 2) given a textual query that may express an interest in specific visual product characteristics, we retrieve relevant images that exhibit the required visual attributes. Our dataset consists of 53,689 images coupled with textual descriptions. The images contain fashion garments that display a great variety of visual attributes, such as different shapes, colors and textures in natural language. Unlike previous datasets, the text provides a rough and noisy description of the item in the image. We extensively analyze this dataset in the context of cross-modal e-commerce search. We investigate two latent variable models to bridge between textual and visual data: bilingual latent Dirichlet allocation and canonical correlation analysis. We use state-of-the-art visual and textual features and report promising results.
Susana Zoghbi, Geert Heyman, Juan Carlos Gomez, Sien Moens

International Journal of Computer and Electrical Engineering (IJCEE),

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