Re-Work Deep Learning in Retail Summit – London

We had the pleasure to participate at the Deep Learning in Retail & Advertising Summit from Rework in London. Rework is an organization that brings people from all over the world together to learn about artificial intelligence during summits, workshops or dinners. On top of that they offer a series of podcasts about deep learning, AI … explained by female professionals amongst other things. This event included speakers from large companies like Amazon as well as startups.
The topic of this event was how deep learning can improve the retail experience. Our founder, Susana was amongst the 20+ speakers present. She described her goal to design an algorithm that translates images into text and the other way around. Susana explained this on the basis of her research at the KULeuven and linked this with the fashion industry. In practice this algorithm can help customers in the retail sector. She was joined by data scientists from Zalando, Trivago and Amazon, among others, who clarified how AI is used in the field. 
Are you interested in listening to her talk? It is available here:

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